To say Rome is a city attached to its traditional street foods would be an understatement.

That idea is no more true in the Italian capital than it is with supplì, the ubiquitous rice croquettes of Rome, are a deep fried snack that have been prepared with little variation for a century. You'd think that in 10 decades of production, the recipe would have radically changed. But until recently, Romans have been entirely devoted to a single formula: rice and a tomato-based meat ragu are cooked, cooled, formed around bits of mozzarella, shaped into rounded off cylinders, breaded and deep fried.

Pizza al taglio - Italian for pizza "by the slice"- is a varity of pizza baked in large rectangular trays and generally sold in square slices by weight. This type of pizza was invented in Rome and is now common throughout Italy.  The types of pizza change according to season - mushroom, potatoes, zucchini, salami and much, much more